January 1, 2020

Whitby Family Christmas Celebration

Every Christmas day the Whitby family gets together to celebrate the special day with an amazing meal. It has become a recent tradition to include a giant tree decorated all the way to the top with obvious lifting resources available on a farm.

Because this event is hosted in the Whitby shop, there is plenty of space for the little kids to run around and play games.

This year, Leslie, Josh Whitby’s wife, was in charge of the meal and it was an amazing display of Chicken Alfredo, YUM. A huge thank you to Leslie and her family for putting together such a delicious meal and all the helping hands to make it come together.

The original members of the Whitby family, including the owners, talked about Christmas traditions they had growing up with their parents. Their mother, Shirla, always made a hearty breakfast for all 9 kids, so on Christmas, it was a tradition for the kids to receive their very own box of cereal. They got this AND their very own 2-liter bottle of soda pop. That tradition continues down to each one of the individuals pictured below. Lared, one of the owners, talked about not really having much growing up, but their parents always made sure the Christmas tree was barely visible with all the presents they had to make each of their kids feel special.

Even with some families being with their in-laws every other year, everyone that is around the Basin makes it a point to come and celebrate together as a Whitby Family, just as the late Larry and Shirla (Grandma and Grandpa Whitby), would have wanted.



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