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Whitby Farms is a family farm established over 50 years ago in the Columbia Basin of South Eastern Washington. The original homestead was developed from old non-productive dry land wheat ground to highly productive crop land. Which was made possible by the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project that changed the dry unforgiving landscape.

Hard work and high moral values embody the Whitby legacy. The late Larry and Shirla Whitby raised 9 children believing that those two fundamentals would produce good citizens who were honest in their business dealings and mindful of their fellow man. 

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My role in the business is to oversee and help manage both the beef herd and the dairy, as well as the fruit crops including apples and cherries. I also help in the management of the office including some of the bookkeeping and staff in our Basin City, Moses Lake and Kittitas locations.

Along with their families, Whitby Farms’ second generation brothers, Jeb, Bart, Lared, and Josh continue to practice the business of agriculture through a diversified listing of crops as they carry on the legacy of their parent’s stewardship.


My role at Whitby is to help employees and managers be able to accomplish their tasks. I manage the Washington Farm Operation, Oregon Farm Operation, and various administrative responsibilities. 


At Whitby, I run the sales department. I manage the overseas and domestic sales team, as well as travel the world selling Whitby products. I also help direct Whitby Farms to plant specific forage crops based on forcasted demand throughout the world.


I’m in charge of trucking to the port, plant, dairies, and from Oregon. (all the Whitby Trucking) I do the seed corn, beans, and contracts on buckwheat.



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