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Whitby's primarily focuses on the export market.

Whitby is famous for the highest quality timothy for the most discriminating race horse markets in the world. In addition to 3-tie single pressed first cutting alfalfa, Whitby Ag offers timothy of all types and grades. High quality timothy is grown in various locations within the Columbia Basin in two cuttings. First cutting is typically clean and pure and is used for dairy, beef and horse markets as well as the pet food market. Second cutting timothy has a softer texture which is often slightly lower cost than first cutting timothy so there is always high demand for Whitby second cutting timothy. 

Whitby Farms’ vision is to be the world’s premier producer of agricultural products in terms of consumer value, customer service, and quality product.


Whitby Ag will harvest four cuttings of alfalfa per season. First cutting will commence in June and each cutting will follow until the end of the growing season near the end of September. First cutting is well known for a course stem coupled with high protein which makes it a specialty alfalfa which has been shown to be the favourite feed for maximum milk production in dairy herds. Second and third cuttings will be high protein with finer stems which become the foundation feed for almost any cattle industry. Whitby Ag is known for producing alfalfa with superb leaf retention in both 3-tie bales and large square bales.

In addition to the hay produced in the Columbia basin, Whitby Ag also produces alfalfa on a farm in Oregon which is well known for its superb leaf retention and color due to the high elevation of the farm.


blue grass

Bluegrass straw is a by-product of the bluegrass seed industry. It is a low cost, high fiber feed very popular in both the dairy and beef industries.

orchard grass

Orchard Grass has always been a favorite among horse owners. Orchard grass has a soft texture and a beautiful green color. The feed value of Orchard grass makes it perfect for working horses.

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family owned, farm grown

Whitby Bros
Land & Livestock


Legacy Dairy




Great care is taken to ensure that our soil is prepared for the seed. From applying various tillage techniques and soil fertility applications, we provide the seeds we plant with a firm, healthy seedbed. We study trials, and rely on experts and customers for our seed variety choices.


After seed is planted, irrigation management and fertilization is a crucial step in our quality production.


We allow our crops to grow and mature until optimal harvest time.


The hay is cut and conditioned (crimped) by a Swather to allow it to dry in windrows.


After a varying number of drying days, the hay is raked. The rakes combine two rows into a larger single row, while at the same time flipping it completely over allowing the bottom side to be able to dry.


Once the hay is dry enough, baling operations proceed. We produce both large and small bales for our customers. Crop is gathered into a baler and condensed into a manageable sized bale that our stacking equipment will be able to gather and organize into stacks.


We stack in the field one truckload at a time, making our operation efficient for crop removal.


Trucks can pull up to a stack in the field, get the bales loaded, and haul them off to go to their predetermined destination, ready for processing.

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Whitby Farms is a Global Gap Certified commercial supplier of high quality conventionally raised apples and cherries. Apple harvest begins in August with Gala and ends in November with Pink Lady Brand, Cripps Pink cv.


Whitby Farms is a Global Gap Certified commercial supplier of high quality conventionally raised apples and cherries. Cherry harvest begins mid- June and lasts throughout the month of July.

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A portion of the forage raised on Whitby Farms is used as perfectly rationed feed to the 900 head of milking cows on our leased dairy.

This key difference is an advantage in comfort our cows have over others, also making them better producing.


farm fresh

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#2 Yellow Corn, fall and spring Wheat, Pinto Beans and Buckwheat are also raised and available at Whitby Farms.

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farm boy premium beef

Experience Farmboy fresh.

Global Gap Certified commercial supplier of high quality conventionally raised apples and cherries.

Farmboy beef boasts of flavor with the preferred Limousine breed using natural protocols to produce lean and tender beef. 

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whitby brothers land & livestock

Whitby Brothers Land and Livestock is located in Southeastern Oregon near the small, historic town of Frenchglen. This quaint little town is known as the gateway to the Steens Mountain Wilderness.

Frenchglen is an ideal location to raise Alfalfa and Timothy hay that is highly desired by both exporters and western dairies. An elevation of 4,500 feet maintains cool nights and warm days which accelerates curing, while maintaining high quality, green color and overall palatability.




Whitby Agri- Management is on is in 7500 beautiful acres located in Kanosh, Utah. With 5300 of those acres irrigated, alfalfa hay, corn tritacale, orchard grass, and timothy are growing at top quality. This central Utah farm sits at 5000 feet elevation. 

"Growing top quality alfalfa and bringing this farm to its potential again"

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