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We raise Tieton, Chelan, Black Pearl, Santina, Early Robin, Burgandy Pearl, Ebony Pearl, Benton, Cristalina, Radience Pearl, Sandra Rose, Rainier, Bing, Black Gold, Regina, and Skeena.
We start cherry harvest with the Chelan variety then progress through the other varieties usually in this order. Tieten, Black Pearl, Santina, Early Robin, Burgundy Pearl and Ebony Pear, Cristalina, Benton, Radience Pearl, and Sandra Rose. Rainier then Bing, Black Gold, Regina and finally Skeena.
Basin City is a great place to raise cherries because of the warm sun, relatively low precipitation, lots of irrigation water to grow large fruit and cool evenings to boost the sugar content.
Pruning begins in the winter after the coldest periods, mostly in February. Bud swell and bloom time come in March and April usually and then before you know it harvest time. Starting in the first part of June. Harvest ends shortly after the 4th of July.






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