Whitby is famous for the highest quality timothy for the most discriminating race horse markets in the world.

Premium Quality. All The Time

Timothy hay is a perennial grass that is high in fiber and nutrients. This premium, long fiber hay is a favorite for horses as it aides in their digestion. Whether it’s used for high performance stock at the race track or for the family pony, this premium, long fiber hay is unsurpassed in the diet of all horses. Timothy is also considered to be a staple in the diets of domestic rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. 

First cutting will be harvested in late June or early July and second cutting could be in August. Whitby will harvest timothy in both 3-tie bales and large square bales as well and it will be exported to markets around the world, double compressed or in the same 3-tie format as it is produced in the field.  






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