December 30, 2019

Whitby Companies Holiday Party

Each year, the owners of all the Whitby companies put together and host a Christmas party to celebrate the holiday season and the employees of each respective entity. Hard working individuals come to celebrate from the Kittitas plant, Moses Lake plant, the local Whitby Farms operation in Basin City, the Whitby truckers from all over, and even the Whitby Bros farm in French Glen, Oregon.

A delicious meal is prepared and everyone feasts together while getting to enjoy each others company. Following the meal, there is a fun raffle each employee participates in where they have a chance to win a variety of prizes. Each prize was carefully selected by the ‘office ladies’ and they were all a huge hit. Concluding the evening, the owners spoke and emphasized the importance of each individual person there and how they are necessary for the operations of the businesses.

A giant thank you to those who put it all together. It was such a nice evening. And even bigger thank you to all the employees of Whitby for the role they play in keeping everything going.



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